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"The Nitwit" a fake reality comedy movie based on actual events tailored to fit the script.  An aspiring Actor, "The Nitwit"  (Matt Moody) and a washed up Actor, "The Cool Dude" (Jordan L. Smith) become arbitrarily entangled in a series of events assigned by a movie Director in order to be casted in a blockbuster movie for the lead roles.  What they don't know is;  During the sequence of their assignments, they are being filmed the entire time.  The footage from these assignments actually becomes "The fake reality movie; The Nitwit"  Songs & Music by Leaving Eden from Boston Mass, USA.


Director, Producer, Cast & Crew

Written & Directed by Eric Gynan (Co-Founder of the Rock Band Leaving Eden, from Boston Mass, USA.)  Starring Matt Moody as The Nitwit &  Jordan L. Smith as "The cool dude."  The Nitwit, A Mad Creek Production Produced by Eric Gynan, Ray Van Blarcom & Fran Hughes, Leaving Eden's "Eve" Continuity, SGL Entertainment, Dark Star Records/Sony Music, MVD Worldwide Distribution.  We Chose Matt Moody as the star of the Nitwit because of his years in theater, experience and training with such versatile roles in horror, comedy and Shakespeare.  Besides taking the lead role, his skills in motion pictures for editing, concept visualization and camera operations are essential to the project.  Matt Moody's co-star  Jordan L. Smith came highly referred by Matt Moody as they have worked together in the past.  Matt felt he would be perfect for the role with a demeanor of a high strung, agitated side kick.  Ray Van Blarcom & Fran Hughes (Producers) bring a fortitude of knowledge and contacts as well as concept visualization with unique abilities to make things happen, to procure locations and acquire the tools necessary on a wide scale to make The Nitwit come into fruition.  The songs & music from Leaving Eden, Boston MASS., USA will be featured throughout the movie. 


The Nitwit


Matt Moody & Jordan L. Smith 

Written & Directed by Eric Gynan 

Produced by Eric Gynan, Ray Van Blarcom & Fran Hughes

Assistant Director - Jake Gynan    

Leaving Eden's "Eve" - Continuity 

Fran Hughes, Jake Gynan, 

Alyssa White, Ray Van Blarcom, Eric Gynan - Cameras

Alyssa White/Jake Gynan/Eric Gynan 

- Sound Engineers

Eric Gynan - Music Director

Bob St. John - Master/Final Mix

All Leaving Eden Songs/Music Written & Produced 

By Eric Gynan

Script Editor/Backing vocals - Jennifer Mugavero

Movie Promo Posters - Sinister Arts 

The Nitwit, Sluggish Betty Pictures, A Mad Creek Production 

SGL Entertainment, Dark Star Records/Sony Music, Dark Entity Music LLC., Leaving Eden Publishing, MVD Entertainment Group, The Orchard Distribution


Matt Moody - "The Nitwit" Perry Winkle

Jordan L. Smith - "Jonathan" Cartwright

Actors List

Fran Hughes - Liaison to the Director

Scot Gheret - Agent

Chris Causey - Uber Creep

Alice Guzman - Hot Chick

Dan Drahos - The Hospital Doctor

Elle Winchester 

Angelique Christine 

- Bimbos

Kimberly Kruse - Leatard

Pablos Ramos - Store clerk

Renaud Haymon - Store customer


Nancy Van Blarcom

Abigail Van Blarcom

Leaving Eden is:

Eve - Lead Vocals 

Alyssa White - Keys/Vocals

Jake Gynan - Drums

David Amato - Bass

Featuring the music of Leaving Eden

Paul Crosby (Drummer Saliva) 

- Manager - Leaving Eden


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